There are two types of upgrade to Xibo for Android:

  • An upgrade to a later revision of the same version 
  • An upgrade to a later version

The difference between a revision and an upgrade can be seen in the name of the release - consider "Xibo for Android v1.7 r53" as an example. The version is 1.7 and the revision is 53.

Upgrading your revision

When we release a new revision to your version of Xibo for Android, we do so because we have fixed bugs or implemented some feature improvements for you to try. Upgrading to a new revision is very simple, just follow the instructions in the downloading section below.

Upgrading your version

When we release a new version, it is usually considered a major upgrade and contains some new advancements of functionality. Therefore we operate from a new version identifier in the customer portal and reset your licence pool of that version to 0 licences. Depending on the time you purchased your licences you may have been provided with a number of "Upgrades" which can be used to go to the new version.

This can be seen on your licence pool page in the customer portal -> Android Licencing for example:

If you have upgrades available (# Upgrades column) 

for existing connected devices - just install new apk version on them.

for new devices - Purchase upgrade to new version OR if you have more upgrades available than existing devices then just install new apk version on your device - upgrade will happen automatically.

If you don't have updates available (# Upgrades column shows "0") you can click "Purchase Upgrades" to buy upgrades to new version (1.7) for 4GBP per each licence.

Installing Updates

The latest APK for your version of Xibo for Android can be downloaded from the Spring Signage Download Centre. If you are a white label customer, the latest APK can be built and downloaded from the customer portal. White Label customers that have selected the "Latest" version for their build only need to download as the latest release will have been pre-build for you.

Manual Update on Non-rooted devices

The majority of users will be running on a non-rooted device. For these devices please download the APK onto your device, or alternatively transfer it to the device using the same method you used for installation. Once the file is on the device, select it to launch the upgrade. A box will appear informing you that the app you're about to install will replace an existing application:

Press "OK" to allow the upgrade to complete.

Once the upgrade has finished, launch Xibo for Android in the normal way.

Auto-update on Rooted Devices

A device that has root access can make use of the auto-update functionality within Xibo for Android which is available from 1.7 R53 and above. If you are running a revision lower than 53, please refer to the non-rooted device instructions.

A rooted device must be configured for automatic update as described in the Installation Guide.

Auto-update is managed from the CMS.

Uploading a new APK

New APK files are uploaded to the CMS using the "Generic File" module and are uploaded to the Xibo Library in the same way as other media files. They can also be uploaded using the API.

Assigning a file to a Device

Once uploaded to the Library, Generic Files can be assigned to display groups or individual displays. This is done using the "Assign Files" sub-menu on the Action menu of each Display Group / Display. The following form presents itself:

Pressing the "plus" icon will send that item to the grey box ready for assignment. Once happy with the files assigned selecting "Assign" will cause those files to be requested by the display or all displays in the group the next time the device connects to the CMS.

These files will appear in the media inventory in the same way as any other file.

Selecting the desired version

Once files are assigned to a device it is necessary to assign a single file as the currently requested version. This is done using the "Version Information" sub-menu item on the Action menu of each Display Group / Display. The following form presents itself:

Xibo will list the current version information for each device and provide a drop down list of the available files. Selecting one and clicking save will set that as the requested version for the Displays listed.

Files can be assigned for many reasons and this secondary step is a security measure to ensure that only the desired files are actually installed.

What happens during the update window?

Assuming everything has be configured correctly, during the update window Xibo will check with the CMS for a new application and if one is found will:

  1. Stop Xibo for Android
  2. Install the new APK
  3. Restart Xibo for Android

After update

After an update you can check the devices current version in the CMS using the Version Information window discussed above.